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Explanation project

In March, designosource was asked by the international office of Thomas More to create a website for their application for an European University. In cooperation with six other European universities, they want to create an international university across Europe named HEROES. The website had to feature their mission and vision, the initiatives they have already taken as well as their current partners and students involved in the project.


For this project, we had to create a design for the website as well as brand elements. To develop the website we decided to work with plain html, css and javascript as well as bootstrap to help with development speed.

picture of manestarters website

An astonishing web design

Starting out the design team created all needed design elements for the website, including brand colours, logo and other graphical elements. The next step included the creation of a low-fidelity wireframes. When we had confirmation from the client we started our last design phase: making mockups. Here we included images, fonts and colours to give a real life representation of the website. After checking and rechecking with the client, the development team can go on coding.

Developing the website

For the development of the website, we decided to work with Bootstrap, Sass and Parcel. This accelerated the html, css and javascript development. We split up the site in several blocks and wrote the html and css individually for each block. Because we reused several blocks and elements throughout the page, we could add the correct classes and they would automatically inherit the correct layout with the help of our custom Sass files. In the end, we delivered a website that corresponded with the needs of the client.

Quote/review from HEROES

“De studenten van designosource hebben een mooie, functionele website ontworpen. Ze dachten tijdens het proces mee na over de manier waarop we iets konden doen. Ze communiceerden zeer vlot en professioneel en aanpassingen waren nooit een probleem en gebeurden snel”

Hanne Van Hout (employer)


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picture of manestarters website
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